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One of my big resolutions for the year ahead is to keep writing. It sounds simple, but it's been harder than it sounds in the recent past. There've been a LOT of stories begun and precious few finished and there've been several long gaps where writing has been the last thing on my mind, so my intent for 2010 is to be able to have at least one completed project to show for each month. (More, of course, would be lovely, but I'm trying to be realistic here!) Given the sheer number of projects I have on the go, though, only working on one thing (or even only a couple of things) is still going to leave me with a lot of WIPs come this time next year, so with that in mind, I'm going to set out a little bit of a general schedule (so's I've got a rough idea of which fandom I'm working in) and then set up my aims for January.

General Schedule
Some of these fandoms only have one WIP in, so this is something that will probably get revisited over the course of the year. Posts relating to this will use the tag "schedule: general"

Evening Fandom Online Status
Monday Star Wars On
Tuesday CSI On
Wednesday Original fic Off
Thursday Airwolf On
Friday Chalet School Off

I'm not factoring in the weekends at this point, because they're my chief "do stuff" days, so there's never any guarantee I'm going to get to sit down at the 'puter for any extended periods! That means anything I get done in that time is pure bonus.

It's also worth noting that I may well be able to dodge in some writing during the day, but as I can't exactly rely on that (after all, I'm paid for something else entirely!), I'm not factoring that in here either.

The on/off line status is intended to be a guide so that, if you're looking for me to chat to, you know WHEN to look.

Monthly Schedule
Posts about these will pop up, usually, on or around the 1st of each month. I'm aiming to review what I've managed to do and set up what I want to accomplish for the month ahead. These posts will be tagged "schedule: monthly"

January Big Project: Freya's Daughter
For more information on Freya's Daughter, visit my Dreamwidth account

January Finishing Project: A Woman Alone
I am (as I think I've mentioned a couple of times) really quite close to getting this story wrapped up and I think it would be a good start to the New Year if I can cross off one of my three longest-standing WIPs!

January Ongoing Work:
The other stuff I'm going to be working on
CSI - Learning To Fly universe (in general); Red Rain in particular
Star Wars - Isard's Grip
Airwolf - Soaring Eagle
Chalet School - Difficulties for Francie (once AWA is finished, at least)

So that's January set up.

Any questions?


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