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Ten years ago, almost to the day, I had just completed my first year as a university student. I had battled all year with the cost of phoning home and had decided - albeit just - that while StudentLine and BT phone boxes were extortionate, a mobile phone would be even worse.

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athersgeo: Darth Vader meets Riverdance (creative license)
Well. Long time - ok, very long time - and no post. Life's been busy. As in crazybusyohmygodmadpanicargh busy. If anyone's remotely interested, there's a post over on my JF account to bring you up to date. That, though, is not the reason for me putting fingers to keyboard here. Nope. What this is is going to be a little bit of an experiment. In the interests of both getting myself writing and stretching what I write beyond the safe little boundaries I've put around my fiction, I'm going to give some non-fiction/essay stuff a try.


Memories Are Made of This

Funny thing, memory. It can let you remember things with amazing clarity and yet other things that might be closely related get wiped from your mind in an instant.

A case in point would be last Wednesday, when I went to my fifth Bon Jovi concert.
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These are likely to roll around roughly once a week; might be a bit more often if I get particularly inspired. Equally, I'm open to requests (which, natch, does include requests for me to stop!), if there's a topic you want to know my views on - though I would say that I may or may not touch political and religious topics.


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