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Dear Yuletide Author,

Firstly, thank you! Just by agreeing to do this, I think you are fabulous and wonderful and no matter what you write, I will love it and be utterly thrilled by it.

If you've stopped by here, you're probably looking for a little more guidance about what I'd like in a story - or possibly what I wouldn't! - so beneath the cut are a few more thoughts on each fandom. Before I get to that, though, a couple of points that go for all three:

-I'm open to anything, if you think you can sell it. I'm easy with what rating you write to and what pairings you choose (het, f/f, m/m, multi or none at all).
-I'm open to almost any genre, if you think you can sell it. Action and adventure tend to be my default settings, but pretty much every other genre is fair game. That said, horror isn't my bag at all and while I don't hate dark and depressing endings, I do prefer if the story leaves me smiling.

Fandom: DS9
As I said in my optional details, I tend to think that DS9 is Kira's story more than anyone else's and I love the way her character grows throughout the run - from a Cardassian hating rebel, to someone who can set her hatred aside and help the Cardassians overthrow The Dominion. I haven't picked another character to go along with Kira because I wanted to leave the field open to you - and because Kira plays off all the rest of the DS9 crew in so many different ways that I couldn't narrow it down!

Fandom: M.A.S.K.
If this is the fandom we match on, I'll be shocked because I'm sure I'm one of a tiny handful of people who remember this cartoon! My main interest is in Vanessa Warfield - she's by far and away the most interesting member of the VENOM crew and by far and away the most dangerous opponent. Why does she stay with VENOM? What motivates her? Could Matt Trakker talk her into switching sides? I leave that up to you!

Fandom: Norse Mythology
I'm rather disappointed that no-one submitted Freya and Frigg as characters for Norse mythology (I'm also kicking myself for forgetting, too - don't worry!) so I realise that this is all entirely optional, but if you can come up with something for either (or both) of these two kickass ladies, I would be delighted. The field is, however, open to you and if you've got a gem of an adventure featuring Thor and Loki or a brilliant idea for one of Odin's adventures, I certainly shan't say no!

So there you have it.

Thank you again :) - and good luck!

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