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It has been a very busy day - and very, VERY productive. (Massive thanks to all the number callers - I can safely say this is the most fun I've ever had while also doing all the little tasks I tend to put off!)

For anyone interested, here's the complete list of what got done (and what didn't!)

  1. Empty bedroom bins
  2. Tidy cupboard top shelf
  3. Tidy cupboard bottom shelf
  4. Tidy cupboard floor
  5. Put away laundry
  6. Put up display cabinet and fill with ornaments
  7. Tidy desk top
  8. Sort desk drawer no.1
  9. Sort desk drawer no.2
  10. Sort desk drawer no.3
  11. Sort desk drawer no.4
  12. Sort bedside book pile
  13. Sort library books heap
  14. Sort OU books
  15. Sort rest of random books stacked up
  16. Put larger cat ornaments onto shelves
  17. Sort out sewing cabinet/filing cabinet
  18. Tidy misc. embroidery threads
  19. Put away DVDs
  20. Sort out Ikea bag
  21. Sort out Body Shop bag
  22. Tidy top of chest of drawers
  23. Tidy top of music stand
  24. Fold fleece and put away
  25. Find a home for the boot/slipper heap
  26. Tidy up top of filing cabinet
  27. Find a home for the spot lights
  28. Tidy up computer desk
  29. Tidy up computer desk shelf
  30. Sort out filing
  31. Hang poster proof
  32. Hang cat painting (yes, yes I *AM* trying out to become crazy cat lady, why do you ask?...!)
  33. Tidy top of printer and rescue whatever fell down the back of the desk (thank you for NOT picking this number; I really wasn't looking forward to trying to achieve the last part!)
  34. Clean bathroom sink
  35. Wipe out bath
  36. Clean and toilet duck the loo
  37. Go through large backpack
  38. Go through small backpack
  39. Tidy up magazines from living room
  40. Tidy up sewing basket
  41. Recharge Nintendo DS
  42. Recharge MP3 player
  43. Make notes from a recorded TV program and delete recording (1)
  44. Make notes from a recorded TV program and delete recording (2)
  45. Make notes from a recorded TV program and delete recording (3)
  46. Empty car of rubbish
  47. Remove cat blanket from the car
  48. Go to Morrisons
  49. Finish knitting blanket strip and cast off
  50. One thread's worth of Krenik on cushion project (1)
  51. One thread's worth of Krenik on cushion project (2)
  52. One thread's worth of Krenik on cushion project (3)
  53. Reclaim junk on the dining room table
  54. Bring filing upstairs
  55. Dust window sill and book case tops to remove paw prints (I did mention that whole crazy cat lady thing, didn't I?...!)
  56. Declutter the Colin Dann and Robin Jarvis books
  57. Half an hour's OU work
  58. Start making notes for the OU research project
  59. Reply to stacked up emails
  60. Dust bedside cabinet and tidy out the drawer
  61. Tidy downstairs DVDs
  62. Put away yoga mat
  63. Put away laptop case
  64. Tidy sofa
  65. Put away camera case
  66. Clean hob
  67. Clean sink
  68. Put away washing up
  69. Empty handbag of rubbish
  70. Half an hour's weeding


Time for that glass of wine (well, baileys, in my case!) someone suggested!

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Date: 2011-03-11 06:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well done!

I am in total awe of what you've achieved

I'm about to go and do the washing up - I think that could be a whole list on its own....

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Date: 2011-03-12 07:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well done :)


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