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As I mentioned in the intro post for this project, I will be posting snippets up here for you to take a look at, be entertained by and, should anyone be so moved, offer feedback on. This is the first one of those.

It comes early on in the story and is my way of getting to know both Ruthie and Vincent as characters beyond names randomly thrown out.

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Ruthie Mayhew's worked with Vincent Cook for more than five years. She always knew he had secrets, but she had no idea they could be this deadly.

What is it?: At this point, probably a short story or a selection of scenes without a novel, rather than a coherent novel length story. The reason for this is that the whole idea of "Identity Crisis" (and, indeed, Ruthie Mayhew and Vincent Cook!) started out as a throw away line in one of my fanfic stories - I needed to invent a couple of novels for the characters to talk about and after I got done, the idea behind IC intrigued me, to the point where I now want to tell the story!

What genre is it?: Crime proceedural/thriller

Who are the main characters?: At this point, I have just the two characters named in the summary above, Ruthie Mayhew and Vincent Cook. Ruthie is a woman in her late thirties/early forties and is a CSI in eastern PA. Vincent (sometimes Vin, never Vinny) is a man in his mid thirties and is a trace technician who works with Ruthie on many of her cases. There will (natch) be some bad guys in there and a cast of characters for Ruthie and Vincent to interact with in the lab, but at this point, the bits of the story I have haven't let me define them yet.

Is this intended to be a serious attempt at a novel?: Not at this point. For one thing, for me to really do this justice in a professional capacity, I'd need to do a tonne more research than I necessarily have time for. It's more a writing/character exercise. Of course, who knows where it can go once I've got it started...!

Will you be sharing this stuff?: Yeppers. As things get written (and get to the point of coherence), I'll be posting them up here for comments and general feedback. The tag will be IC.


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