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Original writing's taken a bit of a back seat with me in recent months - when the going gets stressful, the stressed revert to tried and tested universes! - but with my work situation getting progressively more precarious, it's past time for me to start doing some serious efforts in this direction.

To that end, I've got three new projects on the go (or about to be on the go, at least)

Project 1 - Untitled WW Short Story
What is it?: It's going to be a short story in the 1700-2000 word length category which is the right length for submissions to various women's magazines (in the first instance, Woman's Weekly).

What genre is it?: Family/humour

Who are the main characters?: Janice, a thirty-something single woman and Noodle a comfortable ginger tom cat who, at least in his own opinion, runs the household.

Doesn't sound like high literature...: Well, no; but it will be a fun story to write and, hopefully, entertaining for people to read.

Tag: UWW1

Project 2 - Exercising The Demons
What is it?: Another short story, this one will be longer than project 1 - probably in the range of 5000 words and, again, destined for submission to various women's magazines (and again, Woman's Weekly will probably be first)

What genre is it?: As if the pun in the title doesn't give this away, humour/family

Who are the main characters?: Marie, a frumpy thirty-something secretary stuck in a rut and Linda-from-sales, her friend.

Tag: Demons

Project 3 - Honour and Justice
What is it?: This is a spec radio script for the BBC, centring around the Norse myths.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute, radio script?!: Ayup

Huh; I thought you only wrote stories: Mostly, I do. But sometimes I like to challenge myself. In this case, it originated as an OU assignment for my last course, and with the BBC operating things like The Writer's Room, I have absolutely nothing to lose (except the cost of the postage!) in polishing it up and giving it a try.

Tag: H&J

None of these, of course, mean I've dropped any of my other projects, and there's other ideas also currently being rolled around in the back of my mind. It's a case of tossing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks and doing as much writing of all kinds as I can to keep my brain exercised, ready and willing!


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