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Time for an update on wot I have sewed. This time, it's not an entirely finished project, but as it's got to be put aside to allow me to finish off a trio of birthday projects, the finished article won't be done until June!

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I've been a busy crafty person since my last post. Some of these were Christmas presents (thus I couldn't post them before!), some of these were necessary things and some of them were finishing off old projects (though not quite as old as finishing Dougal was in the last post!).

First off...
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In the same sort of vein but sadly, lacking with the photos (although I'm pretty sure I took some!), I made another couple of bags. One was a raffle prize at the Ilkley Gather (and featured the 1920s lady I was stitching at the summer bbq, for anyone who saw that!), the other was a frog-themed shopping bag.

If I can find my photos, I'll add them later!

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You can find more information about all these (and anything else crafty I've posted) on my Flickr account, which is here


Jul. 17th, 2008 08:09 pm
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For anyone who saw me at the Doncaster gather and admired my cross stitch, I thought you might like a progress photograph. I also thought that the folks who'd seen Dougal just before he was finished would like to see the finished item...and then there's Brian who probably no-one's interested in, but I thought I'd put up for completeness!

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