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2021-01-16 10:59 pm

For Those Reading A Kind of Magic...

A Quick HL Primer

A lot of this is going to come up in-story, as everything unravels, but since those in-story explanations are taking me longer to get to than I'd hoped and I know some of the terminology is a little weird if you're not familiar with the Highlander here we are.

Immortal - someone who cannot permanently die unless you cut off their head. They're born mortal, and they age and grow until they suffer some kind of violent and/or sudden death (HL canon kinda contradicts itself on this point - particularly once you get into any movies beyond the first one!), at which point they get frozen in time. They cannot have children and they are often (always?) adopted or foundlings.

Pre-Immortal - someone who could become Immortal but isn't yet.

The Buzz/Immortal Presence - Immortals can sense when another Immortal is nearby. They can also sense Pre-Immortals. Pre-Immortals cannot sense Immortals/Pre-Immortals. Someone newly Immortal is usually depicted as feeling it like an intense headache. As they get more experienced, either the headache lessens or they learn to ignore the pain (I lean towards the former, but your mileage may vary).

The Game - simply put: There Can Be Only One. Immortal scuttlebutt is that they have to fight one another to the death (ie beheading) until there's only one of them left. The Game has rules: All fights should be one-on-one; Holy Ground is sacrosanct. (Further Immortal scuttlebutt is that Mt Vesuvius' erruption in 79AD was caused by two Immortals fighting on Holy Ground - no one's tested that theory since!) There's also an unspoken rule that fights are supposed to be fair. Shooting and running away is generally frowned on; beheading your opponent while he's in shackles is even moreso! The last one standing wins The Prize.

The Prize - um...yeah. No one actually knows what this is. If you go by HL2, The Prize was mortality (which actually makes a kind of sense...which is probably also the only thing about that film that makes sense within the rest of the universe). HL1 is a little more vague. The TV series quietly dropped the concept altogether and I'm not even going to touch any other iteration!

Holy Ground - anywhere consecrated as Holy, and not just in the Judeo-Christian tradition, either. Arguably, some world-famous sporting arenas probably also count by now. I also once read a suggestion that Immortals take airports as safe havens too. (No in-flight beheading is probably a good thing!)

Quickening - an Immortal's life force; when an Immortal is beheaded it's released and adds itself to the victor's life force. If a mortal beheads an Immortal, the Quickening either attaches to the nearest passing Immortal or is lost forever. Whether the victorious Immortal actually gets anything out of a Quickening (other than a very pretty lights show) is open for debate. The show/films weren't specific - I tend to think they must do (and write that way accordingly) but that's personal canon rather than anything I can substantiate!

Watchers - a mortal (well, MOSTLY) organisation with the credo to "observe, record and never interfere"...except on Tuesdays. And Fridays. And sometimes on days ending in y. This was an organisation that was added to the universe by the TV show, rather than the films (though the later films do make use of them). The idea is, this group of mortals follow Immortals around with a view to recording their lives for the history books. In practice...well it goes about as well as you'd think! There's three basic sub-groups:
-Field Watchers - the people who actually tail Immortals for a living (or befriend them by becoming their local bar tender or ME, depending!)
-Researchers - people who are based in Paris (Watcher HQ) who look after the archives
-Hunters - people who've been Field Watchers (mostly) and who've decided that Immortals are an abomination to be wiped out
The Watchers are also known as The International Assets Corporation. Oh, and most Watchers have a small blue tattoo on the inside of their left wrist.

In terms of HL characters, I'm not going to go through details of every single one I've referred to (we'll be here this time next year!), but I'll give you a few quick details on the three key ones (Wiki and Google will probably supply you with more, should you need it):
Amanda Darieux - She is the classic trouble on two legs. She's an accomplished thief and con artist who, at 1200 years old, doesn't just know all the tricks; she pretty much wrote the book. She's also Duncan MacLeod's on-again-off-again lover. She's a reoccuring character from the HL TV series and had her own spin-off show called Highlander: The Raven.
Joe Dawson - He's been a Watcher ever since an Immortal saved his life in the jungles of Vietnam. Formerly a Field Watcher (for Duncan MacLeod), in my own personal HL canon, he's now head of the research department. He also owns and runs a bar in Paris called Le Blues Bar. Joe was a series regular, from season two onwards in the TV series.
Methos/Adam Pierson/Remus - The world's Oldest Man, Methos is at least 5000 years old. Even he doesn't know exactly how old he is, but ancient just about covers it! His current guise is as Adam Pierson, formerly a grad student and now a lecturer at University de Paris, but he's been just about everything in his life time - from doctor to lawyer to member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to Roman Senator's slave. As Adam Pierson, he was also (for a time) a member of the Watchers, curating the Methos chronicle... Methos was a reoccuring character from the TV series.
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2016-09-28 01:28 pm

Jinglng Bells!


Firstly I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for volunteering to do this. No matter what you write I'm sure that I'm going to end up loving it.

Secondly, here's the information you've come here to find!

Some general pointers for you, before I go to the fandom specific stuff:

1) In terms of genre, I'm pretty easy. My default setting tends to be action and adventure, but I will read pretty much anything - the one really hard exception to this is horror; sorry, not my bag at all (though I don't think any of my prompts would really work for that)

2) In terms of rating, anything goes. I tend to prefer there to be some sort of plot, but beyond that I'm good with everything from Gen to NC-17!

3) In terms of pairing, again, pretty much anything goes - I will buy any relationship if you can sell it to me.

In terms of story style, I like my stories to leave me with a smile on my face. I don't mind stories that tug on my heartstrings or stories that have me reaching for the tissues, just as long as they don't leave me on a down.

On to the fandoms, then:
1) Crossing Lines
Eva Vittoria
Anne-Marie San

Talk about a show that likes to fridge its female characters - and it's all the more annoying because both Eva and Anne-Marie could have told some fascinating stories. I feel that Anne-Marie (particularly) was criminally underused in the first season, while Eva was underused in the second, so anything that rectifies that would be fantastic.

Slightly more specifically:
-A fix-it/AU where Anne-Marie survives the crash and ultimately getting back to the task force
-Anne-Marie and Eva team up for a case
-In the early days of the task force, Anne-Marie going to Eva for advice
-Both of them geting some downtime and going out for some fun - what kind of trouble could they get into?

If you wanted to include either an existing - or new - romantic relationship between Anne-Marie and Eva, I definitely ship that, but if you'd prefer to just write them as friends, I'm good with that, too.

2) Madam Secretary
-Dmitri Petrov
-Henry McCord
-Elizbathh McCord
-Stevie McCord

The last five minutes of season two were just utterly heartbreaking and I am absolutely dying for someone to take on the obvious "what happened next" story. How does Dmitri cope? How does Henry? How long does it take before Elizabeth all-but adopts Dmitri? What about Dmitri's sister? What about Stevie, Alison and Jason?

Some slightly more specific prompts:
-Dmitri and Henry start to rebuild their relationship
-Dmitri and Stevie talk about life, love and Elizabeth
-Elizabeth doing what she does best and finding and rescuing Dmitri's sister
-Dmitri deciding what he's going to do now

Use one prompt; use several - whatever works for you. I'm also fine (as the prompts suggest!) with you not necessarily including all my requested characters - again, whatever works for you.

I also know that season 3 will address at least some of this, so feel free to incorporate anything you think is relevant (I'm in the UK so I'll be a few episodes behind the US, but I'm not averse to spoilers!)

3) Private Eyes
Angie Everett
Matt Shade

This is such a cute show. I love all the characters and while it's nothing earth-shattering in terms of its genre (it is, after all, yet another mystery/procedural!), it's just pure fun. I particularly like that, with them being not!police, not everything they handle involves someone dying. I also love the banter back-and-forth between the two of them - so a lost property casefic with much banter and snark would be ace.

Some other prompts:
-Angie gets to hang out with Jules (bonus points if they then team up to tease Matt)
-Matt gets curious about Angie's father's car accident
-Angie's mother pops up again and causes trouble
-Matt's first solo stakeout and/or Matt's first solo case

There is an option here to cross this over with Rookie Blue, if you felt so inclined. An appearence by a hockey-geeking Oliver and a sarcastic Gail would fit right in (or any of the other original Rookies, for that matter), but if you don't feel it, that's fine.

NOTE: Due to Private Eyes airing here in the UK currently, this section of the letter may get changed up a couple more times. If we match on this fandom, I will finalise the prompts by 18th October

4) Star Wars Legends: X-wing Series
Plourr Ilo

In a series with a lot of interesting characters, I think Plourr might just be the most interesting. She's certainly the one (in the comics and after Wedge, at least!) with the most developed and detailed back story. So how does a pampered princess escape her family's massacre and end up hooking up with a group of hotshot pilots? (Not that I really see Plourr as truly pampered, exactly, but she must have been brought up in something of a cocoon all the same) What does she do to join the Rebellion (and, for that matter, when?) For that matter, what does she do after she finally leaves the squadron? Learning (or relearning) diplomacy is always tough - especially if you've had to learn to punch first and ask questions later!

Some more specific ideas:
-Her journey from Princess to pilot - how does a teenage girl who is, presumably, recognisable planet-wide leave without being stopped? How does she find the Rebellion (presumably sometime around the Battle of Yarvin)?
-Her decision to rejoin the squadron (between Requiem for a Rogue and In Empire's Service) - how does that play out?
-Finally leaving the squadron - is it inspired by the events of Mandatory Retirement, or something else?
-Rial - does Plourr actually settle down with him? Do they have a future? Children?! (NB I'm not actually asking for kid!fic - but a free and frank discussion between Plourr and Rial on that subject would be highly entertaining!)
-Corran Horn - who gets to tell Plourr that he eventually does join Rogue Squadron? (Another potentially amusing/entertaining conversation given her assertion that it would never happen in her life time!)

Feel free to drag in any of the other Rogues as you need them.

Hopefully, some of what I've offered up will spark with you, but please don't feel those are the only stories I want - if you've already got a neat idea that you think I'll love, go for it. Go nuts, have fun. Just the fact that you're writing for me in one of these fandoms pretty much guarentees I'll love it.

Thanks again :)

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2015-10-19 09:06 am

Dear Yulegoat


Firstly I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for volunteering to do this. No matter what you write I'm sure that I'm going to end up loving it.

Secondly, here's the information you've come here to find!

Some general pointers for you, before I go to the fandom specific stuff:
1) In terms of genre, I'm pretty easy. My default setting tends to be action and adventure, but I will read pretty much anything - the one exception to this is horror, but I don't think any of the prompts I've picked really leave the door open for that
2) In terms of rating, anything goes. I tend to prefer there to be some sort of plot, but beyond that I'm good with everything from Gen to NC-17!
3) In terms of pairing, again, pretty much anything goes - I will buy any relationship if you can sell it to me.
In terms of story style, I like my stories to leave me with a smile on my face. I don't mind stories that tug on my heartstrings or stories that have me reaching for the tissues, just as long as they don't leave me on a down.

On to the fandoms, then:
1) Crossing Lines
This is the one fandom that I'm okay with a contravention of point 4. I know it isn't/can't be all hugs and puppies - particularly given what happens to Anne-Marie at the end of s1. That said, I've found Anne-Marie to be one of the more interesting characters in the series - and the most under-used and under-explored. Her ability to remember things is fascinating so anything that explores that would be a heap of fun.

At the same time, I also like Eva - she's very different to Anne-Marie; older, more experienced. I could see Anne-Marie going to Eva for advice in the early days of the task force.

Them spending some downtime together - a girl's night out, for example - could also be fun.

I'm not specifically angling for an f/f relationship - but if you wanted to go that route I could definitely buy it.

2) Madam Secretary
Love this show. I don't think there's a single character I don't like and plenty that I love. I've picked out Stevie and Blake because they're probably the two I love most and because out of all the scenes in s1, the conversations between them in Collateral Damage really stuck in my brain as being the place where a friendship could be born.

Just a note: I'm in the UK, which means I haven't seen (and likely won't see) any s2, so setting things within the frame of s1 would probably make most sense.

3) Man from U.N.C.L.E.
My optional details pretty much nailed what I'd love from this one - Gaby goes from being an East Berlin mechanic to being a member of the "free" world and working as a spy. That has got to come with some kind of culture shock as she runs into expectactions that are very different to those she grew up with.
-Think the scene at the race track where she informs Alexander Vinciguerra's pit crew what's wrong with the car

How does she deal with that?

For that matter, how does she feel about her uncle's betrayal? Her father's death?

Exploring any of that against either the backdrop of another mission or between-mission downtime would be great.

Feel free to pull in any of the other U.N.C.L.E. characters from the film as necessary - but I'd prefer no romance.

4) Elementary
Another show I love, partly because of the wealth of smart and interesting women characters. I've requested three characters (Joan, Kitty and Moriarty), but I'm not expecting you to shoehorn all three into a story (unless you've got an ace idea of how to do that - in which case be my guest!).

s3 ep14 amply shows that Moriarty's been keeping tabs on Joan and Sherlock, so she must know about Kitty. What she thinks about that would be fascinating. Would Joan and Sherlock have warned Kitty about her? Would she approach Kitty after Kitty leaves New York?

By the same token, how does Joan feel about essentially owing Moriarty?

Or, if you want to leave Moriarty out of this, is Joan keeping tabs on Kitty? Is she offering her support from afar, or even helping out, from time to time?

5) Lucky - Britney Spears (Music Video)
A five-minute fandom, this one, just in case none of my other prompts give you any inspiration or in case you want a bit of a palette cleanse or...heck if you just wanna do something fluffy *grin*

As much as a confirmed rock-chick can, I love this song and the video that goes with it, so go nuts - have fun :)

I hope that all offers you some jump off points - but if you've got an idea beyond what I've said, feel free to go for it. Like I said at the start, whatever you write, I know I will love it.

Thank you again :)

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2015-04-28 11:49 am

Dear Author

Before I get going on the optional details are optional stuff (!), I just wanted to say thank you for whatever you write - I'm sure that whatever you come up with will be brilliant :)

So. Optional details are optional.

I've very deliberately only picked one (or two) characters so as to give you the widest scope and so as to not tie you down to writing any particular couple. Feel free to use (and abuse!) any other characters you want.

She's probably my all time favourite PR character and any story that you can tell - either about her time as a ranger, or afterwards or even before - would be great.

Behind Kim, she's my second favourite PR character. (Yes, really!*) A story about how she got to be where she was when Ransik escaped would be really cool. So would a story set just after her arrival in the past and having to adjust to such a completely different world. Or the explanation for why she was the one sent after the Muteorgs - that would also be really cool.

She's a character with an interesting arc, but for all that, I don't think her story really gets told in PRTF, so something that explores that would be great.

She's the last of the PR characters (at least, ranger characters**) who's intended to be the same age as me and, as such, she has a soft spot in my heart. Something that shows what happens to her when her time as a ranger is done would be great.

So there you go. Some optional details are optional. If what you've got in mind fits none of those thoughts, then that's cool too.

Good luck!

*Jen is a large part of the reason why I got hooked on PRTF, contrary to what my scribblings might suggest...
**I'm trying not to think about the fact that I'm now "old" enough to be a PR mentor! (I'm also not counting the part where Tommy was a character in Dino Thunder - partly because I didn't get to see it and partly because Tommy is hardly a new character!)
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2011-11-28 09:10 am

Writing, Writing, Writing...

Today is just about my last day for my unofficial NaNo - might get a few little bits scribbled tomorrow and Wednesday, but today's the last chance for something meaningful, so the plan is quite simple: I'm going to write.

I generally manage around about 1000 words per hour (on my best days it's more like 1500, but I have to be really flying for that!) so I should be able to make some decent progress today. How many of my mini word-count goals I'll manage to hit is another matter entirely!

In a constructive sense, though, I do have a couple of very definite targets for today:
1) Wrap up In Vino Veritas
2) Wrap up A Kind of Magic
3) Wrap up Who Wants to Live Forever

If I can manage to achieve all of that, I'll be a happy bunny regardless of WHAT my final word count ends up being - and I shan't feel too guilty for then spending the next couple of weeks hammering away at a Yuletide assignment that I'm really, REALLY excited by.

In terms of HOW I'm going to do this, I'm going to be doing half hour writing sprints (to borrow a phrase from Jane Epstein!). That means that I can take regular breaks for the basic necessities (like coffee and letting the cat in [or out]) but still be as productive as all get out. (This was the method I used when I actually completed NaNo a few years back, when I managed to write a novel largely in three weekends, so it really does work for me)

So that's the what and the how. Time to get down to the doing part. Timer at the ready...
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2011-11-18 09:32 pm

Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

Firstly, thank you! Just by agreeing to do this, I think you are fabulous and wonderful and no matter what you write, I will love it and be utterly thrilled by it.

If you've stopped by here, you're probably looking for a little more guidance about what I'd like in a story - or possibly what I wouldn't! - so beneath the cut are a few more thoughts on each fandom. Before I get to that, though, a couple of points that go for all three:

-I'm open to anything, if you think you can sell it. I'm easy with what rating you write to and what pairings you choose (het, f/f, m/m, multi or none at all).
-I'm open to almost any genre, if you think you can sell it. Action and adventure tend to be my default settings, but pretty much every other genre is fair game. That said, horror isn't my bag at all and while I don't hate dark and depressing endings, I do prefer if the story leaves me smiling.

On to the specifics )

So there you have it.

Thank you again :) - and good luck!

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2011-11-12 09:38 pm


When I decided I was going to do this 50,000 word thing, work had quietened down. Naturally, since November started, I've been ludicrously busy again...

I *HAVE* been writing, but my word count has not quite breached 2000. Ooops.

On the upside, I've managed movement on most of the designated projects. In a couple of cases, there's been some relatively substantial movement - I have nearly 1000 words added to Difficulties for Francie; I have nearly 200 added to Soaring Eagle (not much, but considering the story...!).

I also still have 17 days and a little bit to drastically improve on that overall wordcount.

Whether I will actually manage the 50,000 words is obviously somewhat in doubt at this point, so I'm breaking it down into smaller goals:
Goal 1: 5000 words
Goal 2: 10,000 words
Goal 3: 25,000 words
Goal 4: 30,000 words
Goal 5: 40,000 words
Goal 6: 50,000 words

I will be happy if I can make Goal 3. I will be ecstatic if I do anything above that!

On to work, then...
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2011-11-03 08:18 am

Daily Word Count

Another yesterday's count...

Words: 465
Projects: In Vino Veritas and Estranged

Still not a massive count, but I'm particularly pleased to get something added in to Estranged as I've been stuck on that for quite a while.

As I mentioned in comments yesterday, my loose goal at the moment is to hit 5000 words by the end of the weekend. Getting more than that would obviously be fantastic, but as a first goal, it's doable.

Today will undoubtedly feature more In Vino Veritas as I'm now on a roll with that one that should see me wrap up the basic writing part this week. I've also got some random scene-bits from a couple of the other projects on the list that I'd like to get down, so, we'll see how that works out.

Right. Time for work.
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2011-11-02 08:11 am

Daily Wordcount

Actually, this is yesterday's count as I was too late last night to post!

Words: 250
Project: In Vino Veritas

It's a pretty paltry effort, BUT, yesterday was largely for getting myself sorted out and refreshing my memory on one or two of the projects, so I'm not that worried by the low score. Today should be very much better.

Right; down to work...
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2011-11-01 09:32 am

Lost; One February. If Found Please Return To Athersgeo...

How the HECK is it now November?!

I really do not know what's gone on with my year. Each time I turn around, I seem to have lost at least three months. About the only positive thing to this most recent vanishing of time is that it's been emphatically work related - since the beginning of July, I have been insanely busy. This might not seem like a positive thing (because I've had very little time to do anything more than eat, sleep and work), but considering that this time last year I wasn't entirely sure how long I was going to have a job... Things are slowing down somewhat now the mega project is largely done, but they're still looking reasonably positive for the next few months.

As the whole eat-sleep-work thing might suggest, I've done precious little in the way of writing in this time, but with it being November, the month of NaNoWriMo, it's time to jumpstart the process again. I'm not actually going to attempt NaNoWriMo (ie 50,000 words on a single story), but I *AM* going to attempt the 50,000 words thing. As I did this time last year, I'm going to have a go at getting some of my long-standing WIPs finished off. It's going to be the same deal as last year - a fixed number of stories (roughly one from each active universe), nothing new to be started and between the lot of them, try to produce 50,000 words.

The stories I'm going to be working on are as follows:
1) Soaring Eagle (PRTF/Airwolf)
This one is rapidly closing in on a decade unfinished. I'm pretty sure no-one else even remotely cares whether this gets finished, but DAMNIT it's a point of pride now!
2) Estranged (MASK)
This story's languished in development hell for a couple of years; I'd like to see it finished, because it lays the way open for me to get to the story I *ACTUALLY* wanted to tell in this universe!
3) Red Rain (CSI)
Believe it or not, this is actually mostly done. I just need to stitch the disparate bits together
4) In Vino Veritas (NCIS - Coming Back to Life)
This is a nominally short story that fills in a little piece of backstory for the CBTL universe. And features Palmer. Lots of Palmer.
5) A Kind of Magic (NCIS - AKoM)
A little like Red Rain, this is actually mostly done, it's just suffering from too much talk and not enough action so the big red pen of doom needs to be pulled out...
6) Who Wants To Live Forever (NCIS - AKoM)
I know I said one per universe, but as this follows on directly from AKoM (and I'd really, REALLY like to avoid the cyber-lynching that would occur if I post the conclusion of AKoM and don't at least have the first part of this one ready to go), it gets on the list
7) The Trouble with Triplets Difficulties for Francie (CS)
This is another that's been dangling for a while. It's also somewhat homeless since the CBB stopped fic posting, so I need to have a think about where that's going. (Yes I am aware of the Sally Denny, before anyone points it out! My problem is whatever I do I've got to post up the previous two stories in the series, so I need to figure out something that isn't going to drive me utterly nuts.)

A couple of contingencies:
8) Learning to Live (NCIS - CBTL)
If no.4 gets wrapped up, this is the next story in the series
9) Silence Must Be Heard (CSI)
If no.3 gets wrapped up, this is the next story in the series

And the obligatory exception to the rule...
10) Yuletide
If/as/when my Yuletide assignment arrives, given the short deadline, getting some work done on it ahead of December would be good. Of course, that assumes Yuletide nominations open any time soon...!

There will be daily updates on progress and all that jazz.

There's also some updates on various other things - but as I've run out of time just now, they'll have to keep until later.

Toodle pip!

Edited to fix my counting skills and to correct a project title - obviously I wasn't QUITE as awake when I posted this as I thought I was!
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2011-07-01 09:33 am

...And the horses wear plastic macs!

Bibbling About My Morning Drive )

In other news, life continues to be busy and I'm still running to catch up with myself. Perhaps the biggest news of late is that we have a new family member: Oddie. He joined the household about a month ago and he is an eighteen-month-old grey/brown tabby. We don't know where he originally came from as he was found by the vets after a road accident left him with a broken jaw (because of that, his bottom jaw doesn't quite line up which gives him a permament Mick Jagger/Billy Idol sneer!). No-one came forward to claim him, so the local cat rescue people took him in and we got him from them. He was originally going to be called Odysseus - however, far from being cunning and clever, he is really not very bright (a case in point would be this morning, where he managed to knock my phone off my desk while attempting to cross the otherwise flat surface that is my desk!), so he's become Oddie instead. Very cute and a real talker (though fortunately in a very different way to Felix), but not smart.

And on that note, time to get cracking with the work mountain.
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2011-06-03 09:12 am

Okay - Who Stole February?!

How is it now June? Seriously, I swear I do not know what's going on this year. I lost February and I've been trying to catch up ever since...

Life, in short, has been absolutely crazy one way or another - most of them, to be fair, good ways. In a quick bullet-point-type list I have...

-Taken my first dancing exam in 25 years...and passed it with a distinction (!) [somewhere in north west Bristol, the lady who taught me dancing as a kid is probably STILL rotating in her grave over that one!]
-Finished my first multi-part story in at least four years (and it's also pretty much the first multi-part story I've written in four years that hasn't gone kinda dead half way through!)
-Finished my latest OU course (that's a very recent one - the last assignment went in this week), so I am now pending the results of that and, subject to them, also pending my degree classification.
-The above means I'm now giving some serious thought to "what next"...though that's a post in itself and one I don't have time to get into at the moment!
-Earned a couple of rejection slips for short stories (none of which surprised me too terribly much)
-Begun to feel at least cautiously optimistic about my job situation (which is a huge change on three months ago)
-Just finished a rather lovely vacation with V (who came to visit for a week) which entailed some lovely trips, a lot of walking and a visit to the cinema to see Thor (I have thoughts on that subject but that's another post, too!)

And I think that's the highlights. There's also been a boat load of writing, a tonne of reading (the last assignment for the OU course involved an absolute mass of research), not enough sleep (health-wise hasn't been quite so great - again, a post in its own right) and more joys of living in the "country" vs within Bristol (yet another post!).

So yes. Not dead, just busy.

Hopefully, I'll make good on some of those separate posts a bit later - right now, I have a mound of work to deal with!
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2011-03-16 02:58 pm

(no subject)

For those of you who know her - and for those of you who've heard me talk about her - Felix was put to sleep this afternoon.

She's been slowly slipping away from us since the house-move, but in the last few weeks that slip has picked up speed and when she began to suffer fits yesterday, we knew we'd reached the end of the road. The vet confirmed that today with a diagnosis of a possible brain tumor or central nervous problem, neither of which is something that we could, in all conscience, allow her to suffer with - and she was suffering.

She has gone to a better place - and has, no doubt, already circled it at least three times, probably without once touching the floor, trying to see everything at once and making sure nothing gets missed, because that's what Felix did. She was the original curious cat and just HAD to know what you were doing - even if she'd been asleep before you started doing it. She was a climber and a clinger and a real talker who was never shy of offering up her opinions.

She will be dearly missed but not forgotten.
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2011-03-11 05:52 pm

Housework Bingo - The Results

It has been a very busy day - and very, VERY productive. (Massive thanks to all the number callers - I can safely say this is the most fun I've ever had while also doing all the little tasks I tend to put off!)

For anyone interested, here's the complete list of what got done (and what didn't!)
Long List is Long )

Time for that glass of wine (well, baileys, in my case!) someone suggested!

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2011-03-11 08:52 am

Housework Bingo...

Taking a leaf out of [ profile] b_liz's book...

Today I am going to attack all the jobs I've been putting off until a suitable occasion... So let's play housework bingo. I have a to do list with 70 things on it. Give me a number from 1 to 70 and I will do that task and report back.

And please do feel free to throw more than one number at me!

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2011-03-05 08:45 pm

Not Dead - Someone Stole February...

...and they've made a good start on March, too.

Also: You know you're writing about Greek mythology when you find yourself having a legitimate reason to write the following sentence in a schollarly essay:

Turning her into a heifer, of course, might not be considered the best tactic.
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2011-01-30 11:05 pm

(no subject)

Good golly, I'm out of practice at writing sword fights.

Just as well I have plenty of time to refine and revise!

Time for bed. Yes?
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2011-01-27 02:43 pm
Entry tags:


Story: Wrong Turn
Publication: Woman's Weekly

This is probably a rejection waiting to happen, but all it's going to cost me is a couple of stamps, some printer ink and some paper so it doesn't hurt to try.
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2011-01-19 11:09 pm

(no subject)

If the answer is Nero, the question is pretty strange.

If the answer is Caligula, the question is VERY strange and probably disturbing.
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2010-12-28 12:17 pm

Projects and Schedule for January

Having just sorted out my various resolutions and aims for the new year (if you're interested, wander by the JF account!), I thought that it would be helpful for me to define my writing goals for January and when I'm going to be doing what.


Monthly Projects:
-Coming Home
-A Kind of Magic
-A Chinese Adventure
The first two are my currently posting stories, while the latter is the novel project I want to focus on for the next couple of months

Evening Writing Posting Online?
Monday Coming Home n/a Yes
Tuesday Open University n/a No
Wednesday A Kind of Magic Coming Home Yes
Thursday Open University n/a Possibly
Friday A Kind of Magic Coming Home No
Sunday Coming Home A Kind of Magic Yes

-Saturday's my day "off" from writing
-A Chinese Adventure will be what I work on 9-5 on my weekly day off - since that's a bit of a moveable feast I'm not even going to try and schedule it!
-Coming Home is moving up to a twice-weekly posting schedule with a view to getting that more or less wrapped up by the end of January.

That should keep me busy!