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Where is Matey when you need her...


Dec. 1st, 2010 12:01 pm
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Word's spellcheck and I have always had a slightly uneasy relationship ever since it decided that C.J. actually meant Sedges (!), but this morning, it has managed to shock me.

Word knows how to spell various ancient Greek writers' names.

It can't handle C.J., but it can spell Euripides and Aristophanes.

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Well, November is done and dusted and I feel it only right and proper to round up !NaNo going to be tricky as I lost all my individual word counts! Oops...

It's pretty safe to say that I didn't do the 50,000 words in a month thing, but overall, I'm pretty happy with the progress that I did make.

I managed to complete a very long standing WIP in Isard's Grip and I also managed to complete a couple of other stories (Rough Justice and History Repeating). I've made good, solid, progress on several other stories (notably A Kind of Magic and Coming Back To Life - which is just as well, seeing as both those are posting atm!) and managed at least some work on pretty much all the other stories I had on my list. I also only strayed off-list once - but as that was to finally resolve something I'd been stuck on for nearly six months, I'm going to excuse myself there!

My focus for this month is going to be Yuletide, which I can't say a great deal about for obvious reasons, and my currently posting NCIS stories because I want, if possible, to get both of them wrapped up before Christmas. (If that sounds ambitious, it's worth noting that Coming Back To Life is only about five parts from being done [hooray for writing way out of order!] and while A Kind of Magic isn't quite as close, again, I have a LOT of stuff pre-written.)

My immediate focus, however, is rather less exciting: 1500 words on the subject of Greek mythology and another 500 words of source analysis. Why yes, yes I DO have a TMA due! I'm hoping I can, at the very least, get a goodly chunk of the former done this morning. Finishing may be a tad optimistic, but I do have probably 500 words for it roughed out and with a bit of perseverance (and probably a lot of procrastination!) I might be able to get that up to 1000 words before I have to go out and pay bills and post letters...

So: time to make a fresh cup of coffee, find my i-pod and gloves and get cracking.
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First, I wanted to say a massive thank you to you for taking on this challenge. I'm sure that whatever you end up writing for me I will absolutely love.

I didn't tag any of my requests with specific likes/dislikes there, mostly because I am easy with everything from G all the way through to NC17. I'm also pretty easy when it comes to pairings - m/m, f/f, m/f; whatever you need to write the story. My only caveat, really, is that whatever it is, it should be in character. I'm not someone who can buy a relationship purely because the sex would be hot!

Now on to the fandoms.

For Airwolf, the only thing I want to add to my original request is about the characters. Although I've only selected Stringfellow Hawke and Caitlin, I would be absolutely delighted if any (or all!) of the other characters make appearances.

The Bourne Trilogy:
I would really love to see some what happened next for the three characters. It could be what Nicky does after leaving Jason in Morocco, or what happens to Pamela or Jason tracing his old life. I'd also love anything pre-films that fills in Jason and Nicky's relationship. Feel free to bring in other characters from the films as you need to, but these are the three characters I'm most intrigued by.

Clutching at Straws:
This is one of my all-time favourite albums and, if you're not acquainted with it, I do quite strongly recommend it (even if this isn't the fandom you've offered for me), just as a great album to listen to and write to. I didn't select a character here, mostly because alhtough there IS a character (Torch), the album's arc could fit to any writer/poet/musician and what I'd really love is for some of the various song vignettes to be fleshed out.

Once again, though, thank you - as I said at the top, whatever you come up with, I guarentee I will love.

Happy writing!

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Well, didn't get nearly as much done as I'd hoped for, but yesterday was far from being a waste of makeup (so to speak):
Wordcount: 3235
Projects: Freya's Daughter, Estranged

I should breach 10,000 words today (only need 500 words to achieve that and I have roughly 300 of those already planned out in my head!) and while I'm NOT hopeful at this point of being half way done by the end of the 15th, I am reasonably confident I can at least have a respectable overall word count by then.

Right. On with today...
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No wordcount for yesterday, mostly because while I DID get some work done, it was a fairly piddling amount, so I'll roll it in with the word count for today. (Today's aim, btw, is for 10,000 words - which is both fairly ambitious and not actually beyond the realms of possibility! If I can get anywhere close to that, I'm gonna be just about on track - which would be extremely good.)

In the other things stakes...I got my first TMA back and managed, yet again, to kick my course off with an 86. Which is a very big yay. Whether I'll be able to keep that up for the entire course, of course, is entirely moot - but it's a good start.

And now a question for those of you who learned Latin...

If I want to say "Truth in books", am I right in thinking that would be "In libris veritas"? Or am I horribly wrong and I should stop butchering a language that never did me any harm?

Also, how would "In the name of Caesar I sentence you to death" best translate into Latin?

(Or, failing BOTH of those, can anyone point me at a reliable online translation service?)
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Didn't get quite as much done yesterday as I'd hoped, but I did get some work done.

Word Count: 655
Projects: Coming Back To Life, Before The Dawn

I'm hoping to get another good day in today - theoretically, I should (by the end of today) have around 15000 words done and, at the moment, I'm not quite half that! - with a view to trying to properly catch myself up for those missing days over the next day or so. Tomorrow, being my day off, ought to be super productive... Have to see.
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Well, after a bit of an enforced break, I managed to get back to work yesterday. I haven't (for probably obvious reasons) been able to entirely catch myself up to where I "should" be, but I did have a pretty good day all ways round, spread across several bursts.

Daily word count: 3471
Projects: Coming Back To Life, Learning To Live*, Red Rain**

*This is one of the two exception projects, namely the direct sequel to Coming Back To Life. I'm not working on it full-time, but I did have an exchange that I wanted to get written down before I forgot it!
**Sadly, STILL not the much delayed chapter 6, but at least chapter 10 is now shaping up

Fingers crossed for today.
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Well, here t'is. The final chunk of this story.

This last little bit is set post the main meat of Michael Stackpole's "Isard's Revenge", so it's a couple of years (or so) after the end of the main IG story. Just seemed like a good place to wind this up.

Epilogue )

!NaNo Day 4

Nov. 5th, 2010 09:51 am
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No word count for yesterday, considering that I ended the day huddled in ball in a very darkened room wishing that someone would come along and just behead me to get it over with.

Today's better, but I still feel like about five different kinds of crud, so whether there'll be any writing later remains to be seen. I am going to at least try and edit up the installment of Coming Back To Life and get that posted and, if I'm still doing okay after that, I'll perform the same office for Isard's Grip. Beyond that, though, I'm making absolutely no promises.
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Word count for the day: 861
Projects: Coming Back To Life

And I *STILL* haven't quite breached the 1000 words for the day, but I am making progress. I have the instalment of Coming Back To Life that I'm due to post on Friday finished (though it needs a spell-check-and-edit!) and the instalment for next Friday well begun. Also, in terms of plotting, I've got a much clearer idea of how the story's going to transition, which is good.

So I'm not UNsatisfied with how this is going, but it is mildly irritating!

Ah well. There is always tomorrow...
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Well, as I mentioned yesterday, this is now finished, so over the next couple of days, I'm going to post up the last couple of chunks.

If you've missed a bit (or want to refresh your memory [because, yes, I know it's taken me an insanely long time to get this story finished]), all previous installments can be found here.

Isard's Grip - Chapter 5 )

!NaNo Day 2

Nov. 2nd, 2010 06:37 pm
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As I'm off out to trip the light fantastic in a moment (or at least, attempt not to fall flat on my face...!), I'll do my wordcount round up now.

Probably will get to do a spot more writing when I get back, but I'll count that in with tomorrows.


Total word count for the day: 796
Projects: History Repeating; Isard's Grip

Now. Again. Bit of a weedy word count, but, BOTH stories have been wrapped up.


Yes, this means I will, officially, stop mentioning Isard's Grip when I round up what I'm working on/want to work on. It is DONE. Posting, though, will keep until tomorrow!
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I mentioned in my "month in a post" post that I'd spent last Saturday at a quilt show.

Naturally, there were photos taken of some of the quilts on display.

For anyone interested, the album as a whole can be found here: Quilt Show on Picasa

But there was one quilt that we looked at and thought of someone else, so here, in all its glory...
For all the LJ tea drinkers )
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Total word count for the day: 560
Projects: Hammer to Fall; Rough Justice

It's a pretty weedy first day's word count, but as it's enabled me to wrap up both stories (barring editing), I'm calling it a win.

Given that tomorrow is my day off, things are liable to be rather improved upon.
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Well, not quite what the subjectline says, because chunks of the past month have been more dull than your average bowl of ditch water, but I have done a few interesting things.

I have...

-Submitted my first TMA for my final OU course before I get a degree. (I'm now sitting on metaphorical pins and needles waiting to find out how crap it was...)
-Decided that I'm NOT going to do NaNo this year - at least, not officially. What I *AM* going to do, however, is aim to write 50,000 words in November. I'll get on to how I'm hoping that's going to work in a moment.
-Got lost several times and, for the first time EVER, my sense of echolocation let me down as well!
-Met up with [ profile] b_liz and headed up to Malvern for a quilt show, which was an extremely fun, fabby and shiny day out.
-As a direct result of that, I have LOTS of craft ideas for the new year, but before I can tackle ANY of those, I have a number of urgent projects that require finishing first.
-Continued with the dancing and discovered that I still remember ludicrous amounts from when I was a much smaller person...
-Been to Buckingham Palace (it was a coach party and I swear, I took the average age on the coach down by about twenty years! - but it was a lovely day out)
-Knitted (yes, you read that right, knitted!) the first two sections of a teddybear. ([ profile] b_liz - yes, this would be part of the glove puppet I mentioned yesterday!)
-Decided that my boots, Nancy Sinatra to the contrary, were NOT made for walking (yeouch!)
-Discovered that since moving house and developing my new commute to work, my blood pressure has actually dropped. (Always SAID that 4 miles with 20 sets of traffic lights was bad for my health!)
-Finished decorating my bedroom and begun working on the living room (admittedly, I have yet to raise a paintbrush in anger on the latter, but I'm pretty sure I'll be up to my elbows in emulsion paint next weekend as we try to make sure the walls are finished before the new sofa and carpet arrive...!)

I think that probably covers everything that might be remotely interesting to anyone who isn't me.

As far as the pseudo-NaNo goes, this is what I'm intending:

Basically, I have (as I think most people know) a megatonne of writing projects on the go at the moment (some might say that this is my normal mode of operation - and it is, to a degree, but I think things have got to silly proportions), so my goal is simply to try and write 50,000 words in the month of November on ANY of my existing WIPs. I'm not going to start anything new (with two possible exceptions), and with a little luck, I AM going to finish a few things.

What this will mean is that there will be daily updates (and I will try and do this only the once a day!) with a word count and which of the following projects I've worked on:
-Coming Back To Life (current NCIS posting WIP)
-Red Rain (current CSI posting WIP)
-Difficulties for Francie (current CS posting WIP)
-Frejya's Daughter (original)
-Estranged (current MASK posting WIP)
-Isard's Grip (current SW posting WIP)
-Soaring Eagle (current PRTF/Airwolf posting WIP)
-Rough Justice (CSI two-shot, side story to Red Rain)
-Hammer to Fall (CSI, direct sequel to Red Rain)
-A Kind of Magic (NCIS crossover)
-History Repeating (NCIS crossover, direct sequel to A Kind of Magic)
-Before the Dawn (NCIS, indirect sequel to Coming Back To Life)

The two possible exceptions are for Yuletide (which is an assignment I should have sometime towards the end of November) and the direct sequel to Coming Back To Life (never let it be said my brain works in linear fashion - I started with Before the Dawn, then backtracked to Coming Back To Life, originally thinking that the latter was the prequel to the former, only to realise that Coming Back To Life isn't going to finish quite where Before the Dawn needs it to, so there's a story in between 'em!). Whether I start on either of them before the end of the month depends entirely on inspiration.

So there you go.

I should stress that I'm NOT expecting to finish everything on that list. (I mean, I do have to sleep sometime and two or three items on that list are full-blown novels; hell, one of them IS a NaNo story from a few years back!) I should also stress that I may not necessarily touch everything on the list, but I equally won't be touching anything outside that list (save for the two exceptions).

Okay. Think I've now rambled on more than enough, time to check my email and see if my TMA's been marked yet (for the 9224th time today), then time to crack open Word and actually do something productive with my day. (Knitting teddy-bear bits just doesn't quite cut it - even if I am ludicrously impressed with myself over them!)


Sep. 11th, 2010 05:05 pm
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A Very Special Guardian Angel is now done.

*does a little dance*

The final instalment went up last night and has been extremely well received. The only problem I have is that I've now got the germ of an idea for a continuation/sequel...! Still, that will have to wait (at least a couple of weeks) - my next priority is that Isard's Grip thing (cause even if no-one else cares, *I* want the dern thing finished!).

In other news, my next (and final) OU course begins at the end of this month (which is yet another reason for me having a writing bonanza now), which is all kinds of exciting. Some of the assignments are making me go "EEEEEK!", but it should be a fun course to do. The entertaining part is where I have all my course materials now, but still no idea of when/where my tutorials will be and who my tutor is!

Then there's the fact that Athersgeo is getting a social life - I've been talking about taking up dancing (in some form or other) for a couple of years now, as a way of (a) getting out of the house and meeting people and (b) a method of fun exercise. As there's a school of dance that is literally five minutes' walk away now, I really, REALLY have no excuse. Thus, Tuesdays will see me flailing wildly in an effort to get to grips with something I haven't done since I was nine or ten... And just to be different, it ISN'T ballet, either! Oh, and did I mention there's an exam in February?...!

Throw in decorating the new house, some stitching projects that need to be completed (going to go and work on one of them shortly) and the general business of day-to-day stuff and life's going to be pretty busy in these parts.

Fun, but busy.
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I now know (more or less) what I'm going to be up to between now and the end of the year, I'm pretty much settled in the new place and I'm now in a pretty good sort of headspace so the chances of doing lots of writing between now and the end of the year are looking pretty danged good.

With that in mind, here's what I'm looking to tackle this month:

1) A Very Special Guardian Agent (NCIS fandom)
I'm very literally about two hundred words from being done on this, so the aim is to get this finished ASAP so that I can post it and call it done.

2) Red Rain - Chapter 6 (CSI fandom)
Again, ludicrously close to being finished on this. Once this is finished, I can get it posted and get chapters 7 and 8 also posted, get chapter 9 wrapped up and posted and get a real crack on with chapter 10. So the aim, again, is to get this done ASAP.

3) CS Big Bang (CS fandom)
I've got an idea for this (need to check the rules to make sure it's allowed [pretty sure it is!]), so I'd like to get a start on this

4) Isard's Grip (SW fandom)
I don't think there's anything I can say about this that I haven't already said!

5) Soaring Eagle (PR/Airwolf fandom)
Ditto and ditto

In terms of what I'm doing when, it's going to break down like this:
Monday - NCIS / SW (Online from roughly 7:30pm)
Tuesdays - CS (Offline)
Wednesday - CSI (Online from roughly 7:30pm)
Thursday - PR/Airwolf (Online from roughly 7:30pm)
Friday - CSI (Offline)
Saturday - NCIS / SW (Online from roughly 7:30pm)
Sunday - CS (Online from roughly 7:30pm)

If/As/When both NCIS and SW are done, I'll probably toss in some work on Difficulties for Francie, but that's subject to change *grin*

If you're looking for me online, your best bet will be YIM (username, predictably, is athers.geo!), or by email.

Right. Time to cook dinner and then get down to writing :)
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Well, we've been in the new house two weeks now and I can safely say that MOST things have at least been cursorily looked at and plotted for. We can now actually navigate the house without risking imminent injury and while I wouldn't say we were entirely unpacked MOST of the things that went missing have now turned up.

Admittedly, I still can't find my bath pillow, but in the grand scheme of things, this is not a huge deal and is one that will be resolved in the fullness of time (when we either find it or my mother gets tired of me whining about it and buys me a new one - which ever comes first!)

A few housekeepery-type bits, then, before full Athersgeo Normal Service resumes:

Where we've moved to...
I realise that this was omitted from the last post because i r a moron. We've moved from Bristol to Chippenham (or, as my German teacher used to call it, Pommefriteundschinken [those of you who speak/read German, do feel free to groan here; we used to!]). I am, however, still working in Bristol, so my commute has got longer, but it's a lovely drive in and it's taking me roughly the same length of time to do 15 miles as it was taking me to do 4 miles...which, frankly, tells you everything you need to know about just how sucky my morning drive used to be!

New address...
I have just sent out an email to various people with my new address details in. If you didn't get a copy, it's almost certainly because my address book is woefully out of date, so please feel free to drop me an email to athersgeo @ gmail . com (removing spaces, obviously!) and I will send the details out and update my info.

Any Blueyonder email addresses you may have had for me are now officially dead and I'm now using Gmail for all my email needs. If you haven't already updated for me, athersgeo @ gmail . com is the address to use. (I do have a second gmail account, which I also use, but as that features my real name, I'm trying to keep that away from fandomy stuff and general public access. If you have it, though, do feel free to use it!)

My cell/mobile number hasn't changed, so if you have that, that's still good.

Okay. Think that about wraps THAT up.

Normal Athersgeo Service should resume at the weekend, when I'll try and get a grip on what fannish (and not so fannish) things I'm currently working on and try to figure out when I'm likely to be around online (should anyone actually want to chat to me!)

In the meantime, I need to get some coffee and do some email catch-up before my inbox actually explodes...!


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