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Firstly I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for volunteering to do this. No matter what you write I'm sure that I'm going to end up loving it.

Secondly, here's the information you've come here to find!

Some general pointers for you, before I go to the fandom specific stuff:

1) In terms of genre, I'm pretty easy. My default setting tends to be action and adventure, but I will read pretty much anything - the one really hard exception to this is horror; sorry, not my bag at all (though I don't think any of my prompts would really work for that)

2) In terms of rating, anything goes. I tend to prefer there to be some sort of plot, but beyond that I'm good with everything from Gen to NC-17!

3) In terms of pairing, again, pretty much anything goes - I will buy any relationship if you can sell it to me.

In terms of story style, I like my stories to leave me with a smile on my face. I don't mind stories that tug on my heartstrings or stories that have me reaching for the tissues, just as long as they don't leave me on a down.

On to the fandoms, then:
1) Crossing Lines
Eva Vittoria
Anne-Marie San

Talk about a show that likes to fridge its female characters - and it's all the more annoying because both Eva and Anne-Marie could have told some fascinating stories. I feel that Anne-Marie (particularly) was criminally underused in the first season, while Eva was underused in the second, so anything that rectifies that would be fantastic.

Slightly more specifically:
-A fix-it/AU where Anne-Marie survives the crash and ultimately getting back to the task force
-Anne-Marie and Eva team up for a case
-In the early days of the task force, Anne-Marie going to Eva for advice
-Both of them geting some downtime and going out for some fun - what kind of trouble could they get into?

If you wanted to include either an existing - or new - romantic relationship between Anne-Marie and Eva, I definitely ship that, but if you'd prefer to just write them as friends, I'm good with that, too.

2) Madam Secretary
-Dmitri Petrov
-Henry McCord
-Elizbathh McCord
-Stevie McCord

The last five minutes of season two were just utterly heartbreaking and I am absolutely dying for someone to take on the obvious "what happened next" story. How does Dmitri cope? How does Henry? How long does it take before Elizabeth all-but adopts Dmitri? What about Dmitri's sister? What about Stevie, Alison and Jason?

Some slightly more specific prompts:
-Dmitri and Henry start to rebuild their relationship
-Dmitri and Stevie talk about life, love and Elizabeth
-Elizabeth doing what she does best and finding and rescuing Dmitri's sister
-Dmitri deciding what he's going to do now

Use one prompt; use several - whatever works for you. I'm also fine (as the prompts suggest!) with you not necessarily including all my requested characters - again, whatever works for you.

I also know that season 3 will address at least some of this, so feel free to incorporate anything you think is relevant (I'm in the UK so I'll be a few episodes behind the US, but I'm not averse to spoilers!)

3) Private Eyes
Angie Everett
Matt Shade

This is such a cute show. I love all the characters and while it's nothing earth-shattering in terms of its genre (it is, after all, yet another mystery/procedural!), it's just pure fun. I particularly like that, with them being not!police, not everything they handle involves someone dying. I also love the banter back-and-forth between the two of them - so a lost property casefic with much banter and snark would be ace.

Some other prompts:
-Angie gets to hang out with Jules (bonus points if they then team up to tease Matt)
-Matt gets curious about Angie's father's car accident
-Angie's mother pops up again and causes trouble
-Matt's first solo stakeout and/or Matt's first solo case

There is an option here to cross this over with Rookie Blue, if you felt so inclined. An appearence by a hockey-geeking Oliver and a sarcastic Gail would fit right in (or any of the other original Rookies, for that matter), but if you don't feel it, that's fine.

NOTE: Due to Private Eyes airing here in the UK currently, this section of the letter may get changed up a couple more times. If we match on this fandom, I will finalise the prompts by 18th October

4) Star Wars Legends: X-wing Series
Plourr Ilo

In a series with a lot of interesting characters, I think Plourr might just be the most interesting. She's certainly the one (in the comics and after Wedge, at least!) with the most developed and detailed back story. So how does a pampered princess escape her family's massacre and end up hooking up with a group of hotshot pilots? (Not that I really see Plourr as truly pampered, exactly, but she must have been brought up in something of a cocoon all the same) What does she do to join the Rebellion (and, for that matter, when?) For that matter, what does she do after she finally leaves the squadron? Learning (or relearning) diplomacy is always tough - especially if you've had to learn to punch first and ask questions later!

Some more specific ideas:
-Her journey from Princess to pilot - how does a teenage girl who is, presumably, recognisable planet-wide leave without being stopped? How does she find the Rebellion (presumably sometime around the Battle of Yarvin)?
-Her decision to rejoin the squadron (between Requiem for a Rogue and In Empire's Service) - how does that play out?
-Finally leaving the squadron - is it inspired by the events of Mandatory Retirement, or something else?
-Rial - does Plourr actually settle down with him? Do they have a future? Children?! (NB I'm not actually asking for kid!fic - but a free and frank discussion between Plourr and Rial on that subject would be highly entertaining!)
-Corran Horn - who gets to tell Plourr that he eventually does join Rogue Squadron? (Another potentially amusing/entertaining conversation given her assertion that it would never happen in her life time!)

Feel free to drag in any of the other Rogues as you need them.

Hopefully, some of what I've offered up will spark with you, but please don't feel those are the only stories I want - if you've already got a neat idea that you think I'll love, go for it. Go nuts, have fun. Just the fact that you're writing for me in one of these fandoms pretty much guarentees I'll love it.

Thanks again :)

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