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Before I get going on the optional details are optional stuff (!), I just wanted to say thank you for whatever you write - I'm sure that whatever you come up with will be brilliant :)

So. Optional details are optional.

I've very deliberately only picked one (or two) characters so as to give you the widest scope and so as to not tie you down to writing any particular couple. Feel free to use (and abuse!) any other characters you want.

She's probably my all time favourite PR character and any story that you can tell - either about her time as a ranger, or afterwards or even before - would be great.

Behind Kim, she's my second favourite PR character. (Yes, really!*) A story about how she got to be where she was when Ransik escaped would be really cool. So would a story set just after her arrival in the past and having to adjust to such a completely different world. Or the explanation for why she was the one sent after the Muteorgs - that would also be really cool.

She's a character with an interesting arc, but for all that, I don't think her story really gets told in PRTF, so something that explores that would be great.

She's the last of the PR characters (at least, ranger characters**) who's intended to be the same age as me and, as such, she has a soft spot in my heart. Something that shows what happens to her when her time as a ranger is done would be great.

So there you go. Some optional details are optional. If what you've got in mind fits none of those thoughts, then that's cool too.

Good luck!

*Jen is a large part of the reason why I got hooked on PRTF, contrary to what my scribblings might suggest...
**I'm trying not to think about the fact that I'm now "old" enough to be a PR mentor! (I'm also not counting the part where Tommy was a character in Dino Thunder - partly because I didn't get to see it and partly because Tommy is hardly a new character!)


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