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How the HECK is it now November?!

I really do not know what's gone on with my year. Each time I turn around, I seem to have lost at least three months. About the only positive thing to this most recent vanishing of time is that it's been emphatically work related - since the beginning of July, I have been insanely busy. This might not seem like a positive thing (because I've had very little time to do anything more than eat, sleep and work), but considering that this time last year I wasn't entirely sure how long I was going to have a job... Things are slowing down somewhat now the mega project is largely done, but they're still looking reasonably positive for the next few months.

As the whole eat-sleep-work thing might suggest, I've done precious little in the way of writing in this time, but with it being November, the month of NaNoWriMo, it's time to jumpstart the process again. I'm not actually going to attempt NaNoWriMo (ie 50,000 words on a single story), but I *AM* going to attempt the 50,000 words thing. As I did this time last year, I'm going to have a go at getting some of my long-standing WIPs finished off. It's going to be the same deal as last year - a fixed number of stories (roughly one from each active universe), nothing new to be started and between the lot of them, try to produce 50,000 words.

The stories I'm going to be working on are as follows:
1) Soaring Eagle (PRTF/Airwolf)
This one is rapidly closing in on a decade unfinished. I'm pretty sure no-one else even remotely cares whether this gets finished, but DAMNIT it's a point of pride now!
2) Estranged (MASK)
This story's languished in development hell for a couple of years; I'd like to see it finished, because it lays the way open for me to get to the story I *ACTUALLY* wanted to tell in this universe!
3) Red Rain (CSI)
Believe it or not, this is actually mostly done. I just need to stitch the disparate bits together
4) In Vino Veritas (NCIS - Coming Back to Life)
This is a nominally short story that fills in a little piece of backstory for the CBTL universe. And features Palmer. Lots of Palmer.
5) A Kind of Magic (NCIS - AKoM)
A little like Red Rain, this is actually mostly done, it's just suffering from too much talk and not enough action so the big red pen of doom needs to be pulled out...
6) Who Wants To Live Forever (NCIS - AKoM)
I know I said one per universe, but as this follows on directly from AKoM (and I'd really, REALLY like to avoid the cyber-lynching that would occur if I post the conclusion of AKoM and don't at least have the first part of this one ready to go), it gets on the list
7) The Trouble with Triplets Difficulties for Francie (CS)
This is another that's been dangling for a while. It's also somewhat homeless since the CBB stopped fic posting, so I need to have a think about where that's going. (Yes I am aware of the Sally Denny, before anyone points it out! My problem is whatever I do I've got to post up the previous two stories in the series, so I need to figure out something that isn't going to drive me utterly nuts.)

A couple of contingencies:
8) Learning to Live (NCIS - CBTL)
If no.4 gets wrapped up, this is the next story in the series
9) Silence Must Be Heard (CSI)
If no.3 gets wrapped up, this is the next story in the series

And the obligatory exception to the rule...
10) Yuletide
If/as/when my Yuletide assignment arrives, given the short deadline, getting some work done on it ahead of December would be good. Of course, that assumes Yuletide nominations open any time soon...!

There will be daily updates on progress and all that jazz.

There's also some updates on various other things - but as I've run out of time just now, they'll have to keep until later.

Toodle pip!

Edited to fix my counting skills and to correct a project title - obviously I wasn't QUITE as awake when I posted this as I thought I was!
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