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I love my commute.

No - that isn't sarcasm; I really do actually and honestly love my commute. Don't get me wrong, it's not all sunshine and roses (for one thing the price of petrol/gas makes it...interesting) and the days when I get stuck behind someone who has no clue that the national speedlimit isn't 30 are trying, but in the last year I have not missed my former commute even once. Not even the night I had to drive the 20 miles home with a near-blinding migraine.

I think I've mentioned, but until we moved house, my morning commute was 4 miles and some twenty sets of traffic lights through the worst of Bristol's traffic (and there was no feasible alternative route, either - which was part of the reason why it was so bad). It used to take me anything from fifteen minutes (on a really, REALLY good day) to an hour and I used to arrive at work (more often than not) with steam coming out of my ears after yet another idiot decided that they were turning left from the right hand lane (or vice versa) - usually trying to go THROUGH me. The drive home was often even worse.

I now drive 20 miles into work along some really lovely country roads, through villages with names like Shoe and Tiddlywink (no, I'm not making that up!) and it takes me a pretty consistent 40 minutes. I won't say I necessarily arrive at work relaxed, but I'm certainly a lot less stressed out - which puts me in a much better frame of mind to start the working day. It's also a lot of fun seeing how the countryside changes as the year progresses - just at the moment, there are tonnes of poppies out in the roadside verges along with buttercups and some very lovely blue flowers that neither I nor my garderner-mother can identify! A few weeks ago, the elderflower was out all over the place. Before that, oilseed rape (I was less pleased by that - it upset my hayfever!). Before that all the trees were just into leaf and the lambs were bouncing about all over the place. One farm often has llamas in their road-side field; another has goats. And then there are the aforementioned horses in plastic macs - at least, that was my first reaction to seeing them in the rain the other day!

All in all, I think I'm pretty lucky with it. It's probably not the most spectacular commute going; it's certainly not the most glamorous (definitely wasn't this morning - they were muck spreading!); but after eight and a half years of fighting Bristol's traffic, it is pretty damn good.

In other news, life continues to be busy and I'm still running to catch up with myself. Perhaps the biggest news of late is that we have a new family member: Oddie. He joined the household about a month ago and he is an eighteen-month-old grey/brown tabby. We don't know where he originally came from as he was found by the vets after a road accident left him with a broken jaw (because of that, his bottom jaw doesn't quite line up which gives him a permament Mick Jagger/Billy Idol sneer!). No-one came forward to claim him, so the local cat rescue people took him in and we got him from them. He was originally going to be called Odysseus - however, far from being cunning and clever, he is really not very bright (a case in point would be this morning, where he managed to knock my phone off my desk while attempting to cross the otherwise flat surface that is my desk!), so he's become Oddie instead. Very cute and a real talker (though fortunately in a very different way to Felix), but not smart.

And on that note, time to get cracking with the work mountain.
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