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How is it now June? Seriously, I swear I do not know what's going on this year. I lost February and I've been trying to catch up ever since...

Life, in short, has been absolutely crazy one way or another - most of them, to be fair, good ways. In a quick bullet-point-type list I have...

-Taken my first dancing exam in 25 years...and passed it with a distinction (!) [somewhere in north west Bristol, the lady who taught me dancing as a kid is probably STILL rotating in her grave over that one!]
-Finished my first multi-part story in at least four years (and it's also pretty much the first multi-part story I've written in four years that hasn't gone kinda dead half way through!)
-Finished my latest OU course (that's a very recent one - the last assignment went in this week), so I am now pending the results of that and, subject to them, also pending my degree classification.
-The above means I'm now giving some serious thought to "what next"...though that's a post in itself and one I don't have time to get into at the moment!
-Earned a couple of rejection slips for short stories (none of which surprised me too terribly much)
-Begun to feel at least cautiously optimistic about my job situation (which is a huge change on three months ago)
-Just finished a rather lovely vacation with V (who came to visit for a week) which entailed some lovely trips, a lot of walking and a visit to the cinema to see Thor (I have thoughts on that subject but that's another post, too!)

And I think that's the highlights. There's also been a boat load of writing, a tonne of reading (the last assignment for the OU course involved an absolute mass of research), not enough sleep (health-wise hasn't been quite so great - again, a post in its own right) and more joys of living in the "country" vs within Bristol (yet another post!).

So yes. Not dead, just busy.

Hopefully, I'll make good on some of those separate posts a bit later - right now, I have a mound of work to deal with!
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