Oct. 19th, 2015

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Firstly I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for volunteering to do this. No matter what you write I'm sure that I'm going to end up loving it.

Secondly, here's the information you've come here to find!

Some general pointers for you, before I go to the fandom specific stuff:
1) In terms of genre, I'm pretty easy. My default setting tends to be action and adventure, but I will read pretty much anything - the one exception to this is horror, but I don't think any of the prompts I've picked really leave the door open for that
2) In terms of rating, anything goes. I tend to prefer there to be some sort of plot, but beyond that I'm good with everything from Gen to NC-17!
3) In terms of pairing, again, pretty much anything goes - I will buy any relationship if you can sell it to me.
In terms of story style, I like my stories to leave me with a smile on my face. I don't mind stories that tug on my heartstrings or stories that have me reaching for the tissues, just as long as they don't leave me on a down.

On to the fandoms, then:
1) Crossing Lines
This is the one fandom that I'm okay with a contravention of point 4. I know it isn't/can't be all hugs and puppies - particularly given what happens to Anne-Marie at the end of s1. That said, I've found Anne-Marie to be one of the more interesting characters in the series - and the most under-used and under-explored. Her ability to remember things is fascinating so anything that explores that would be a heap of fun.

At the same time, I also like Eva - she's very different to Anne-Marie; older, more experienced. I could see Anne-Marie going to Eva for advice in the early days of the task force.

Them spending some downtime together - a girl's night out, for example - could also be fun.

I'm not specifically angling for an f/f relationship - but if you wanted to go that route I could definitely buy it.

2) Madam Secretary
Love this show. I don't think there's a single character I don't like and plenty that I love. I've picked out Stevie and Blake because they're probably the two I love most and because out of all the scenes in s1, the conversations between them in Collateral Damage really stuck in my brain as being the place where a friendship could be born.

Just a note: I'm in the UK, which means I haven't seen (and likely won't see) any s2, so setting things within the frame of s1 would probably make most sense.

3) Man from U.N.C.L.E.
My optional details pretty much nailed what I'd love from this one - Gaby goes from being an East Berlin mechanic to being a member of the "free" world and working as a spy. That has got to come with some kind of culture shock as she runs into expectactions that are very different to those she grew up with.
-Think the scene at the race track where she informs Alexander Vinciguerra's pit crew what's wrong with the car

How does she deal with that?

For that matter, how does she feel about her uncle's betrayal? Her father's death?

Exploring any of that against either the backdrop of another mission or between-mission downtime would be great.

Feel free to pull in any of the other U.N.C.L.E. characters from the film as necessary - but I'd prefer no romance.

4) Elementary
Another show I love, partly because of the wealth of smart and interesting women characters. I've requested three characters (Joan, Kitty and Moriarty), but I'm not expecting you to shoehorn all three into a story (unless you've got an ace idea of how to do that - in which case be my guest!).

s3 ep14 amply shows that Moriarty's been keeping tabs on Joan and Sherlock, so she must know about Kitty. What she thinks about that would be fascinating. Would Joan and Sherlock have warned Kitty about her? Would she approach Kitty after Kitty leaves New York?

By the same token, how does Joan feel about essentially owing Moriarty?

Or, if you want to leave Moriarty out of this, is Joan keeping tabs on Kitty? Is she offering her support from afar, or even helping out, from time to time?

5) Lucky - Britney Spears (Music Video)
A five-minute fandom, this one, just in case none of my other prompts give you any inspiration or in case you want a bit of a palette cleanse or...heck if you just wanna do something fluffy *grin*

As much as a confirmed rock-chick can, I love this song and the video that goes with it, so go nuts - have fun :)

I hope that all offers you some jump off points - but if you've got an idea beyond what I've said, feel free to go for it. Like I said at the start, whatever you write, I know I will love it.

Thank you again :)



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