Jul. 1st, 2011

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Bibbling About My Morning Drive )

In other news, life continues to be busy and I'm still running to catch up with myself. Perhaps the biggest news of late is that we have a new family member: Oddie. He joined the household about a month ago and he is an eighteen-month-old grey/brown tabby. We don't know where he originally came from as he was found by the vets after a road accident left him with a broken jaw (because of that, his bottom jaw doesn't quite line up which gives him a permament Mick Jagger/Billy Idol sneer!). No-one came forward to claim him, so the local cat rescue people took him in and we got him from them. He was originally going to be called Odysseus - however, far from being cunning and clever, he is really not very bright (a case in point would be this morning, where he managed to knock my phone off my desk while attempting to cross the otherwise flat surface that is my desk!), so he's become Oddie instead. Very cute and a real talker (though fortunately in a very different way to Felix), but not smart.

And on that note, time to get cracking with the work mountain.


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